Building a CSOFT startup

If you were given a $150k investment for a CSOFT startup business, what you would do?

The 2017 CSOFT Summit will hold CSOFT’s first ever Startup Competition. CSOFT’s management team formed 10 teams, selecting 20 Captains and Vice-Captains. The two-fold competition begins with a mission to recruit a 5-member core-team.

Each team will then come up with an idea for a startup company – related to language, technology, and global businesses – and prepare for a 7-minute presentation & a question and answer session in the early afternoon of June 30th before the Amazing Race kickoff.

Startup ideas will be judged by a panel of CSOFT Executives and Industry Experts who will evaluate the pitches and award the winning team a cash prize.


Give us your best line of describing what C-XYZ does; what’s unique about your team and why you would be successful?


How do you attain and motivate talent as a startup company who cannot offer the best compensation package? Use your imagination; where will C-XYZ be in 5 years and 10 years? What are 2 things that are key to achieving this vision?

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