“The Art of Networking: In Person and Online.”


Katherine Lewis, Debrett's


Many of us feel daunted by the prospect of making conversation with strangers or even peripheral acquaintances, but small talk can hold big opportunities for business. Debrett's will share tips and techniques on how to approach unfamiliar faces and establish conversation, read body language, withdraw elegantly from a conversation, and establish a 'call to action'. In addition, the best practices of online networking will be discussed, given its importance in today's global business environment.





11:30 am


“Introducing Stepes Enterprise 1.0”


Carl Yao, Stepes


Global digitization is disrupting the way we conceive new business models and transforming the information ecosystem for products and services. Translation is no exception as enterprise content is created around the clock. Mobile translation will be a game-changing solution the localization industry needs to allow translators to deliver true just-in-time solutions.







“Improving Globalization”


Lisa McVicker, Hologic


We would all like to make the globalization process more streamlined and efficient. Sometimes this can seem overwhelming, and most of the time getting the English "just right" takes priority. When the English source has been intentionally created with globalization in mind, the proceeding steps needed for translation will save you time and confusion at the end of the process.





3:45 pm


QiPao & Shanghai Style








“Formal Welcome Dinner ”


@ Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund (by invitation only)


We look forward to welcoming our guests and dear friends from afar. Join us as we kick off the 2016 CSOFT Summit in true Shanghai style. Set in the Heritage Property that once held the exclusive Shanghai Club, the Waldorf Astoria opened in 2009 and has returned the glamour and grandeur to No2 on the Bund. Cocktails start from 6:30 and dinner will begin from 7:00.















Shunee Yee, Founder & CEO, CSOFT









“Thriving in a Global Economy” – “It’s Small World After All”


Shane Tedjarati, CEO & President of High Growth Regions, Honeywell


Globalization is accelerating at an unprecedented pace and thanks to the "digital economy", it has become increasingly easier to reach customers around the globe, shorten distances between people from "kilometers" to "milliseconds". Honeywell has been at the forefront of globalization and is on the path to transform its business from one that is based on "operational technology (OT)" to one that integrates "information technology (IT)". Companies in virtually all industries need to embrace and harness the power of the digital economy. This is rapidly becoming the new basis of competition.




“Lead by Language”


Huang Youyi, Member of People’s Political Consultative Committee & Founding Manager and Executive Vice President of the Translation Association of China


Unlike major industrialized nations, language is exceptionally crucial to China. The growth of the language service industry in the past four decades has clearly reflected social and economic changes in the country. Today language services, as a leading factor, is all the more significant as China seeks to expand its economy and become more involved in global governance.




“Authentically Disney, Distinctly Chinese”


Murray King, Vice President of Public Affairs, Shanghai Disney


How do you make something blend and yet stand out? Disney succeeded in doing just that with the building of their Shanghai Park. Their principle “Authentically Disney and Distinctly Chinese” guided the design, creation, and opening of the newly opened Disney resort.







CONVERSATION - “A Forward Look – How Mega-trends Impact the Sharing Economy”


Marisa Drew, Co-Head EMEA Investment Banking and Capital Markets, Credit Suisse

Michael Kuan, Chairman, Kuan Capital

Moderator: Shunee Yee, Founder & CEO, CSOFT International


As the world continues to become more global and more co-dependent, the concept of collaboration and sharing of information, resources, and technology will be the key to solving the biggest challenges facing our society today. Whether it be the global challenges of changing demographics, climate change, cyber-security, terrorism, or economic growth, the sharing economy will be a key factor in tackling these big unknowns. Our panelists will touch on instances where the sharing economy, in ways big and small, is making an impact on successfully navigating these headwinds.







PANEL - “Creating Content For A Global Audience”


Lisa McVicker, Hologic Honeywell

Hongying Zhong, Honeywell

John Artman, CSOFT

Moderator: Will Knight, Executive Vice President, CSOFT International


We are so globally connected and yet so local. There is tremendous opportunity for brands to reach consumers once unreachable due to differences in geography and language. However, if content development and management are not approached properly, the nuances of language that are essential to engaging an audience will create a gap with your customers, not a connection. How do you apply your global mindset to create content that works across cultures? Join this panel session to learn more.







CONVERSATION - “Innovation and the Future of Learning”


Goti Deng, UBTECH

Carl Yao, Stepes

Moderator: Bill Powell, Asia Editor & Chief International Correspondent, Newsweek


Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are quickly becoming established platforms for communication and connection with others. What role will these new technologies play in the future of learning? What are their limitations and challenges? Join this panel session to understand what will be the tipping point for VR/AR adoption as a learning tool of the future.







STUMP the Experts (...it’s back!)


Moderator: Paul Liotti, Carestream & James Davidson, CSOFT International


Featuring various clients, linguists, and CSOFT personnel, this competitive trivia team will ask the hard questions about the localization industry. Lighthearted, yet informative, this session will prove who the real experts are. May the real “expert” win!!!







GREAT DEBATE — Machine vs Human 2.0


Moderator: Koji Iwamoto & John Artman, CSOFT International


Humans and machines have been locked in an epic battle since Star Wars. But it is time they became partners instead of adversaries. Where does the line between human and machine really begin and end…or does it? This session will explore the unique attributes and advantages of each and involve participation from the audience, panel, and moderators. Expect to be surprised, engaged, and picking sides on who really deserves to be in the winner’s circle.







#GetSchooled Inspired by LGL (Let Girls Learn)


Megan Robinson, CSOFT International







Friday Night Party — Cruise on the Bund


Enjoy a new view of Shanghai from aboard a river cruise on the famous HuangPu river. We will see two sides of the amazing city, both modern and classic while travelling between the two sides of this busy metropolis. It will be a night of glitz and glamour as we dance the night away and enjoy conversation, cocktails and light bites. Bring your best Charleston and Fox Trot and get ready for some fun.











10:30 am


Buses depart for Shanghai disney





11:30 am


Disney Experience @ Park


Shanghai Disney continues the tradition of magic and joy that began in California 60 years ago. Enjoy your day at the park and visit exciting new lands like Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove, and Gardens of Imagination. Experience Shanghai exclusive rides (like Tron) or enjoy the original performances (like Tarzan). Shanghai Disney features many exciting new attractions including the largest castle of any Disney theme park around the world! Come experience for yourself the park that is both “Authentically Disney, and Distinctly Chinese.”





12:00 pm


#GetSchooled Executives Lunch @ Club 33 (China Female Executives Only)


Hosted by Shunee Yee, Founder & CEO, CSOFT International


China’s Top Female Executives are gathering at Disney’s Exclusive Club 33 to network and discuss how they can be involved and rise up as leaders to support equal education.





7:00 pm


Farewell Dinner


After a long day of fun and adventure, we will meet up for a final farewell meal with friends new and old. The Tribal Table restaurant is set in the heart of Disney’s Arbori village where guests will enjoy a welcome feast of entrees from the wok and roasting stations. Join us in celebrating the bounty and balance of nature! Vegetarian options are also available.





8:30 pm


“Disney Spectacular” Fireworks Show


See the Enchanted Storybook Castle transformed when Disney magic lights up the night with stunning special effects! Summoning breathtaking projections, lasers, fountains, and much more, Mickey transforms the castle into an whole new world and awakens the dreamer inside us all!