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A Toast from CEO Shunee Yee to Another Successful Summit

Last Tuesday, after everyone had returned safely to their respective time zones and things around Beijing HQ finally died down, CEO Shunee Yee gathered members of the Beijing-based support team and a few talent show participants for a final toast (and a momentary...

10 Teams, 10 Sheep: Summit by the Numbers

From start to finish, this year’s Summit is about team building through competition. While we may be a scattered flock of 250 sheep flying in from 16 different offices, in the end, we’re all on 1 team. Team CSOFT!

2017 Summit Video Series – Chinese Whispers

My, my, my how rumors fly. When CSOFT finalizes its Summit plans, news travels fast, but no one is quite sure what’s really going on. (Except for Koji, he knows exactly what’s going on.)

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