Flying Fox Valley Air Grassland

The teams will all head to 飞狐峪空中草原 Flying Fox Valley Air Grassland  to enjoy a night of music, great food, a bonfire, and camping under the stars. The Flying Fox Valley once served as a gate, or passageway, ushering business and trade into the central plains of China. Many battles were fought in the valley as numerous groups of small clans and tribes from north of the passage tried to come through and conquer the territory.

According to legend, the Song Dynasty battled the Liao Soldiers for many years over the land. Yang Liu Lang commanded the army of Song Soldiers as they fought off the Liao’s from north of the mountains. After many tiresome battles and many deaths, Yang sent word through a Liao messenger that they should seek some other way to settle their border dispute. He proposed that he would shoot an arrow through the passageway between the two mountains, and wherever the arrow would land would mark the new border for the territory.

The messenger thought to himself, “how far could an arrow possibly fly?” So he agreed that wherever Yang’s arrow fell, the land would be divided.

So Yang aimed his bow, drew an arrow from his quiver, pulled back his arm, and released. The arrow flew swiftly through the air, high through the sky, past multiple mountains, and landed far beyond the valley. So the land belonged to the Song Dynasty, and the valley was named for the great expanse through which the arrow flew.

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