The CSOFT Annual Summit

On your marks, get set, go!

The 2017 CSOFT Annual Summit will launch the first-ever CSOFT Amazing Race, a competition that will span over 3 days, feature 10 teams, and include approximately 250 CSOFTers with 28 nationalities.

The CSOFT’s Summit, a tradition since 2004, brings together team members from around the world for a time of training, bonding, and friendly competition. Throughout the years, the Summit has grown from a time of internal alignment to the industry’s largest language, technology, and culture event. But this year, we want to take you back.

Partnered with Wild China, a company dedicated to giving groups a unique, and authentic China experience, CSOFT will unplug and take its international team members from the heart of Beijing’s Central Business District to the 飞狐峪空中草原 Flying Fox Valley Air Grassland on an unforgettable journey. The grasslands, or steppes, are the birthplace of 80% of the Earth’s languages. CSOFT’s team of expert communicators and localizers will return to the wild where they will get to experience the magic of communication firsthand.

The 13th annual summit provides the opportunity for employees to get back to the essentials of being a CSOFTer; to rediscover what it means to be a team, a family, and to go beyond their usual expectations and comfort zones. Returning to the summit’s roots, this event will be full of team-building activities, opportunities for cross-cultural exchange, and a chance to revitalize our team spirit. Join us as we pull the plug, and head to the wild on a Wild CSOFT adventure.

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